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Gallery & Lodge NOICHIGO
Gallery & Lodge NOICHIGO is a small and cozy guest house (since 1980) located in the foot of Nagano North Alps in Hakuba, Japan. As a small lodge, we offer and serve heartfelt home-made dinner and breakfast, and warm hospitality to all our guests. We are within easy walking distance to Sakka, Happo-One Ski Resort, which is the place the downhill ski race was held at the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998. You will see a winter wonder land after walking only a few minutes through the forests in front of the lodge. In the spring season, many of wild flowers and cherry blossoms welcome you, and you will feel green and nature shower in nice and warm weather in summer time. Kouyo, colored leaves, is a pleasure from the nature in autumn season in Hakuba. The colored pencil drawings of those flowers, leaves, and grasses create our dining&gallery as a healing space to sooth away your daily fatigue. Small letter pads, post cards, and prints (in frames) of the drawings are available, and those must be special gifts of Hakuba!
Various wild flowers and a wonderful natural spaces show Hakuba as a beautiful village in every seasons of the year; cherry blossoms are blooming and dogtooth violets show pretty faces from the ground in the spring, and hydrangeas make your heart warm during the rainy season in the summer time. In fall, colored leaves cover all over the mountains and make it unique from the other areas of Japan.
Takayuki Tsuno draws those flowers, leaves, and grass with his warm heart by colored pencils and water paint. Please enjoy heartfelt and relaxing space at Gallery & Lodge NOICHIGO.

Gallery and Lodge NOICHIGO in Wadano-no-mori, Happo-One, HAKUBA, NAGANO

Admission Fee : Free
Open Hours : 10:00 - 17: 00
Close : Irregular, so please call

Small letter pads, post cards, original prints are available at the gallery.
Those must be special gifts and souvenirs of Hakuba!!
Some works of craft artists, and some Asian goods are also available.

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Gallery & Pension NOICHIGO. Gallery & Lodge NOICHIGO.











Those are the part of works, so please come and see more drawings displayed in the gallery!


looking for a comfortable accomodation in Hakuba? here we are!
small and cozy lodge, within walking distance of Happo-One ski resort


ADDRESS : 4869 Wadano-no-mori, Hakuba, Nagano 399-9301
TEL : 0261-72-4707 (+81-261-72-4707 from outside of Japan)
FAX : 0261-72-2963 (+81-261-72-2963 from outside of Japan)

ARTIST:Takayuki Tsuno
Was born in Kochi Prefecture in 1946, and grew up in Osaka. In 1972, moved to Hakuba and started color pencil drawings back in a decade since he wanted to preserve a lasting image of Hakuba's natural beauty. He has displayed many of the drawings in his Gallery & Pension NOICHIGO. His drawings are mainly wild and mountain flowers, leaves, and plants which are seen in Hakuba. His artwork numbers more than 500 currently, and its selling has been started in 2003, and the following year the art gallery was opened. He recently started working on water color paint beside color pencils.
Due to an inquiry from Kawazu-cho in Shizuoka Prefecture, he drew an original drawing of Kawazu Sakura, a cherry blossom in Kawazu. He's been working on some drawings used for letter pad printed by Hozuki Publicity.
Sensitive lines and paintings, and soften colors to express nature's warmth are the features of Takayuki's drawings.

At the same time as an artist, he works as one of 'Hakuba Meisters in ART category` who introduce Hakuba's great points with their special abilities in variety of categories such as art, outdoor, culture, and climbing.