The Second International Mathematica Symposium Information


Month: June 1997

Date: June 29--July 4
Name: IMS'97 -The Second International Mathematica Symposium

Location: Rovaniemi Institute of Technology, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Applications of Mathematica computer algebra environment in mathematics and computer science, physical and biological sciences, and the disciplines of economics, education and engineering.

IMS '97 follows the successful symposium in Southampton, England, in July 1995 where more than 60 papers were reviewed and over 100 delegates from 17 countries attended.

The International Mathematica Symposium (IMS) was conceived to hold a series of conferences devoted to applications of Mathematica computer algebra system in different fields of science. The IMS intends to keep pace with Mathematica as its influence extends in every field of computing in research, education, industry and business. The conference will provide a forum for users from diverse fields to present original papers covering their Mathematica-based research, and to learn about current developments and uses of advanced scientific computing.

Besides paper presentations and a variety of keynote lectures, the symposium will include several tutorials covering different fields, discussion forums, poster presentations and software demonstrations.

V. Keranen, Rovaniemi Institute of Technology, Jokivayla 11, FIN-96300 Rovaniemi, Finland;;

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