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I was in Finland from 25 June to 5 July. I attended IMS'97.
      What is IMS?
     Abstract for IMS'97  

  Mathematica Tool       Animation is here!!

      Math Source   Spheres & Cubes     A graphics lover's dream

     Transformation of the Plane

     Mathematica in Education and Research Vol.4 No.4 Fall 1995

ICME9 will be held in Japan in the year 2000.

     ICM in 1998 will be held in German.

    Who will be honored with the Fields Medal ?

    International Congress of Mathematicians Berlin 1998 August 18-27, 1998

    Math Calendar shows you the date of any international congress.
    12 years old kids wins Gold Medal in the Japanese Math Olympic.


 I am interested in how to teach Mathematics for undergraduates and  

       I have researched two teaching methods for these two years.

      One is the use of Mathematica. The other is the use of Internet sites.

                Math Materials In Internet     

     Please have a look and give me your suggestions.

     Matsumoto Agatagaoka High school 
         Mathematical Constant
         Plane Curves House
           Mathematical Encyclopedia
           You can integrate any function!!
           Problems from the UCB for master course

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