Digital Galaxy Project

The principal aim of the Digital Galaxy Project is to create scientifically accurate three dimensional maps of the Milky Way galaxy. To this end, the Digital Galaxy team is creating a series of increasingly detailed maps based on current astronomical knowledge and theory. Embedded with hyperlinks to more information about the Galaxy, these animated maps will serve as reference tools for exploring the structure of our galaxy, from the spiral arms and galactic bulge down to its basic components: the stars and interstellar medium. By transforming scientific data into three dimensional visual information, the Digital Galaxy Project provides a unique perspective for understanding the size and scale of the Milky Way, unattainable in any other way. The Galaxy Map, Visual Archive, and Data Archive are the principal deliverables of the project. They will be available to the public on the Hayden Planetarium website and will be presented in ways to best serve our three main constituencies: the astronomical research community, educators and students, and the public. If you need additional information regarding the Digital Galaxy Project, please contact me, the Project Manager Dennis Davidson , or Neil Tyson , Director of the Hayden Planetarium.

Request to use Astro Images from your WWW Site

Dear Mr. Kitahara,

I am writing to request permission to include of your astronomical images featured on your WWW site ( in the online Visual Assets Archive that we are creating to support the NASA-funded Digital Galaxy Project, currently in development at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Along with Image Researcher Dan Barron, I am responsible for collecting and organizing astronomical images for research and exhibition development for the new Rose Center for Earth and Space here at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and for development and artist reference for the Digital Galaxy Mapping Project. The first version of the Visual Assets Archive (under construction now) will be accessible via a WWW browser for internal American Museum of Natural History and Digital Galaxy Project research and development use only. Eventually, some of the imagery collected will be published as part of an online Visual Assets Archive available to the Public, along with original images and animations created in-house by the Galaxy Project visualizers. The DGP Visual Archive will include several hundred galactic images and images of notable astronomical objects within the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies, all collected from different observatories and NASA projects. Original images and animations will also be created in-house by the Galaxy Project visualizers. A big component of our Visual Archive will be the extensive metadata that is included with each visual asset, including copyright information, terms of use, source, creator, and creation date. Usage guidelines established by copyright holders will be made readily apparent to archive users. The inclusion of your amazing astronomical images would add a lot to the Visual Archive project. Please let me know how you would feel about allowing us to include your images in our Archive. For now, imagery is being used for in-house artist reference and exhibition development. Permission to use your images for anything else, including other WWW sites or in the new Planetarium Exhibitions, would be asked for on a separate, case-by-case basis.

Best Regards,

Daryl Gammons
Visual Assets Manager
Digital Galaxy Project
American Museum of Natural History 212.496.3311