Tenpyo-no-mori Astronomical club

Tenpyo-no-mori Astronomical club (Chairman : Hitoshi Furihata) is working centering on the Akashina observatory of Akashina-machi Nagano-ken Japan.
The main contents of activity.

Starwatching party

The open observation meeting of the Akashina observatory is in the evening on Saturday every week.
Club member explains astronomical object using his own equipments.

Comet observation

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Meteor observation

We are doing calculation and photograph observation by Leonids and Perseids.

Occultation observation

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Astronomical photograph

Main Photography place
  • Mt.Norikura
  • Akashina Obs.
  • Hofukuji peak

Members List

Position Name Speciality
Chairman Hitoshi Furihata Design of astronomical apparatus and
Astronomical photograph
Vice-chairman Yoshimi Nagai Comet observation
Chief of
the observatory
Ayahiko Akahori Comet observation and
Solar observation
Junpei Aizawa Astronomical photograph
Yoshitaka Akatsu Development of astronomical photograph
Officer commanding Shoichi Ito
Masayuki Ichikawa Planet observation
Calculation section
Tsunenobu Endo Astronomical calculation and
Comet observation
Observation meeting
Masamichi Osaka Planet observation,
Design of astronomical apparatus and
Astronomical photograph
Seiichi kanai Digital astronomical photograph
Europe bureau chief Koji Saruta Greece myth and
Collector of binoculars
Tomoyuki Takahashi Woodwork for astronomy
Kazuhisa Takeda
Sagiri Nagai
Toshihiro Hayakawa All-around Photographer(Except Astronomical)
Collector of finest German products
Miki Hayakawa
Chief editor Shigeki Hayashi Astronomical photograph
Haruna Hayashi
Vice-chief editor Kazuhisa Miyashita Occultation observation
Takashi Miyahara
Boss Mamoru Yoshizawa Astronomical equipments collection
Osamu Yoshinaga