Jun-Mai Kimoto
Kurosawa sake, brewed
in the traditional way, is rich, deep, and well-balanced and compliments Asian cuisine. Enjoy warm or chilled
Alcoho1 15%-16% by vo1.
Net Cont. 1800 ml / 720 ml / 300ml
  Mote Process
A lactic acid bacterium and yeast are cultivated by warming MOTO by the slack of the tree containing hot water.
Kurosawa Sake Breswsing Co.,LTD
Yachiho,,Minamisaku,Nagano 384-0702 Japan
Phone : +81-267-88-2002 Fax : +81-267-88-2047
http://www.janis.or.jp/users/maruto/ E-mail : maruto@janis.or.jp
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Kurosawa Shuzo was established in 1858 in the Village of Yachiho, which is near the luxurious resort city of Nagano, in central Japan. Yachiho is surrounded by mountains such as the Asama and Yatsugatake and also the Chikuma River, which is one of the longest in Japan.
Since its inception, Kurosawa has been brewing authentic sake under the most ideal conditions; beautiful and natural surroundings with clean air, high quality water, and cool temperatures.
Imported by Pacific International Liquor,Inc.
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Phone: (323)582-6605 Fax(323)582-1636.
Ishizue Nakazawa
A Chief Brewer of Sake

Jun-Mai Dai-Gin-Jo Sake
The ingredients and the method of fermentation and are unique.Toji gathers only the finest rice grains and then refines them to forty percent of the original grain size which is the bare essence of the rice core. this reduced rice core is then gently brewed and fermented to just the right degree as only a Toji can do,thereby earning the recognition of a Dai-Gin-Jo.Kurosawa sake, is so unique and pure in taste that it complements almost any cuisine or it can be enjoyed by itself. You will never be disappointed by choosing Kurosawa as your sake.
Alcoho1 15%-16% by vo1. Net Cont. 720 ml